WELCOME to SPORTSWORD — the first dedicated sports crosswords website in Australasia.

Having jumped the gun, and provided a sneak preview of sorts, by updating our Facebook page cover photo before launching a new-look website (still a work in progress), we should explain.

What’s now in the pipeline is a user-friendly website offering Sportsword members quality puzzles pitched at sports tragics on BOTH sides of the ditch — with special packages for pubs and clubs.

For prolific sports crosswords producer Peter Thomson, it marks the revival of an online presence to complement his long-running Queensland Sunday Mail Sportsword (now in its 36th year).

It also represents a serious nod to his native New Zealand, where his passion for sport spawned a career in print media — leading to work as a sports writer/sub-editor in South Africa, Wales, England and Australia.

For a taste of things to come, simply click on your grid of choice below and print the PDF.







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