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Yachties eye Cup while Wobblies battle for the wooden spoon

Interesting, isn’t it, how, all of a sudden, yachting’s America’s Cup is back on Australia’s radar.

Let’s just hope that, with Bob Oatley’s Hamilton Island Yacht Club accepted as the official “challenger of record”, we’ll see some sanity restored to the event – not least in terms of nationality regulations.

Give the Americans’ propensity for engaging foreign mercenaries, I’m not sure we should be holding our breath, but at least we can be confident of an all-Australian challenge come 2016.

In this day and age, of course, we readily accept foreign coaches across all sports – well, some times — and, for that reason, we shouldn’t have any qualms about the make-up of America’s Cup teams’ “backroom” staff.

But to ensure the event’s credibility going forward, it’s surely vital that the onboard crew truly represent the respective countries mounting challenges.

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Ewen McKenzie’s embattled Wallabies have to silence a hostile Rosario crowd if they’re any chance of silencing their critics with victory against Argentina in their clash for the Rugby Championships’ wooden spoon.

I’m just not sure that, lasers or no lasers, Australian TV viewers are going to get anything remotely like a true sense of the intensity of the occasion.

No doubt Fox Sports’ techies would have an explanation, but from recent viewing experiences it seems to me that either there’s a sorry lack of effects microphones at those Argentine stadiums or foreign broadcasters are forced to commentate from within the confines of a telephone box.

Or is it my hearing?

Good calling, Clarkie.

— Peter Thomson


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  • Leo says:

    I note your hope, Pete, that America’s Cup “teams” might be truly representative of their respective countries. Of course, these are not teams of selected representatives such as the Wallabies. But let’s put that to one side for the moment.
    I share your apparent sentiment that teams or representatives of certain geographical areas should arise from those specific areas. This is essentially because sport, especially team sport, is surrogate warfare. And, instead of demonstrating our superiority by killing our enemies, we demonstrate our superiority by defeating our opponents in sporting contests.
    But, as you are seeming to lament, professional sport has forgotten all about that. Now we demonstrate our superiority by having the most powerful cheque book.

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