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Your feedback welcome

In finally getting Sportsword online, after a few false starts, there’s just a couple of points I’d like to make from the get-go.

While, obviously, my crosswords have always had a strong Australian flavour, I’m also mindful that, given my principal newspaper market, there’s often been a distinct Queensland “bias” – particularly when it comes to the football codes.

As a result, one of the more significant challenges for me in launching this project is to try to strike a reasonable balance — and that’s where I’ll be largely guided by your feedback.


— Peter Thomson


2 Responses to Your feedback welcome

  • David Race says:

    Peter, couldn’t find any reference to Australia’s Iconic Motorsport event on it’s 50th anniversary. Bathurst of course, but I’m sure you knew that. Are you in league with that Philistine Leo Leitch in regard to this? From another St Bernard’s old boy.

    • Admin says:

      Funny you should mention Bathurst, David. In my weekly newspaper crossword this week, I had the name “Jane”, which could have referred to the current All Black winger — but I chose to give Bathurst a nod with a clue relating to legendary four-time winner Bob Jane.

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