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Tipping foray may be ‘solution’ to avoid going crossword crazy

What a Super idea, I thought … if tech issues are going to continue to frustrate the hell out of me crossword-wise (more on that later), why not at least have a bit of fun on the tipping front?

OK, no big deal really. But, having watched the odd game of rugby in my time — and committed myself again to one of those online tipping comps — I figure I might just be sufficiently equipped to make a modest  contribution to YT’s weighty weekly multi-code offering.

You could call it Thommo’s Two Bob’s Worth … in fact, on reflection, I will, too.

YT allowing, you’ll find my Super rugby tips tacked on to the end of his each week.

Who knows. “Two Bob’s Worth” could prove fair value.

We’ll see …

Good luck!

For the record, my South Africa Conference-only first round tips for this weekend are: Sharks (v Bulls), Cheetahs (v Lions).

x                    x                    x

Don’t get me started on feedback … but, hey, if there’s a tech head out there who can help resolve a Java issue with my crosswords (“Application Blocked By Security Settings” blah blah), I’d be a very happy man.

— Peter Thomson


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