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It’s time to back myself in battle of survival in new media world

For fully 15 seconds last weekend, I thought I’d settled on a solution to my dilemma as, like many colleagues in a changing media landscape, I wrestle with the prospect of having to reinvent myself.

That’s about how long – bathing in the reflected glory of Sportsword guru David White’s multi-code tipping clean sweep —  I flirted with the idea of launching into a career as a professional punter (well, hey, I haven’t done the maths, but, as an all-upper, the Rabbitohs/Cats/Swans/Sharks/All Blacks/Roosters/Wallabies/Knights would have returned a nice tidy sum to bankroll such a venture).

Then reality kicked in.

Having already dismissed medicine, law and a plumbing apprenticeship, I was back where I started the weekend – preparing to join my other half in a bold new public relations consultancy venture.

What’s that? Oh, thanks for asking. It’s Thomson Media ( … “website under construction”).

I’m wondering if it’s worth sounding out Essendon, the Sharks – perhaps James O’Connor – to see if they could use some help.

x                    x                    x

I sincerely trust it’s now clear to sports crossword tragics why I’ve been a bit slack in that department in recent weeks.

But, rest assured, when Thomson Media’s bedded down, we’ll have a solution to that dilemma, too.

— Peter Thomson



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