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There’s little value dwelling on ifs and buts of Origin I, but …

 I know it’s a futile exercise comparing certain laws – and their application – in the two rugby codes. There’s also little value, in the wash-up of Origin I, in dwelling for too long on the ifs and buts.

 Nevertheless, if you’re prepared to suspend reality for a moment, it’s interesting to imagine how things might have played out had there been a rugby union whistleblower in charge of proceedings in Sydney on Wednesday night.

 For a start, I’d suggest NSW skipper Paul Gallen’s night would have been over as soon as he finished doing a number on Nate Myles.

 And, secondly, Queensland captain Cameron Smith’s double-movement “no try” would have been ruled a perfectly fair one.

 Would have changed the complexion of the game just a tad, don’t you think?

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No matter where you might stand in the Robbie Deans debate, you’ve got to feel for the bloke as injuries continue to play havoc with preparations for the Wallabies’ three-Test series against the British and Irish Lions.

 Frankly, to put the loss of Scott Higginbotham into perspective, I reckon that leaves Deans just one more key injury away from disaster — before the series has even kicked off. Will Genia? James Horwill? Doesn’t really bear thinking about.

 — Peter Thomson





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