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Comes a time when you don’t really know who/what to believe

I don’t know if Mickey Arthur’s a Neil Young fan, but his monumental “line in the sand” stand this week somehow reminded me of one of the legendary singer-songwriter’s greatest hits … “Comes A Time”.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. I was really trying to find some way of segueing into a story about a near/possible brush with fame while on holiday these past couple of weeks.

Anything, frankly, to bump that old blog that’s been sitting here for far too long in my absence – and give me time to get my head around all the turbulent happenings on the sporting front while I’ve been swanning around Western Australia (and wending my way back on the Indian-Pacific).

OK, I’ll keep it brief …  It seems that, unbeknowns to us, while we were roughing it in “Red Class”, Young and his entourage – between gigs at Perth and Adelaide festivals – were ensconced up front in some sort of super-duper VIP set-up.

Now I can’t vouch for this. We certainly didn’t score an invitation to any jam sessions across the Nullabor; nor, obviously, did we sight the veteran Canadian tunesmith during any of our stopovers (no, you’re right, we weren’t exactly looking out for him).

But those gig dates seemed to square with the Indian-Pacific’s schedule and the line trotted out by our “insider’ – that Young likes to avoid air travel when he can – seemed to add a little credence to his after-the-event claims.

It’s just so hard to know who/what to believe these days, though, isn’t it?

 — Peter Thomson






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