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Taking my eye off the (foot) ball

Having failed to hold up my end of the bargain by not producing a new crossword this week, I feel I owe an apology.

In truth, it’s actually more an explanation which gives me a chance to plug another sporting project I’m heavily involved in — namely, Revolver Cricket.

No, I won’t hit you with chapter and verse – it is, after all, the footy season – but for anyone interested in a “revolutionary” approach to junior cricket development, the website is:

Suffice to say, though, the Revolver concept has already managed to generate serious interest across the cricket world – not least from a rather august body based in the shadows of the MCG.

Thus my reason for venturing to Melbourne this week, along with a Revolver colleague; hence my inability to deliver on the Sportsword front (something I hope to rectify ASAP).

Meanwhile, thankfully, our Sportsword tipster David White has continued to be there, or thereabouts, in all three codes – most notably, delivering his sixth Super Rugby multi in eight weeks.

And just to keep things in perspective – in this case, after a random check of The Sydney Morning Herald’s “experts” – I see YT, while still a little off the pace in the NRL, would be leading both its AFL and Super Rugby panels.

— Peter Thomson


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