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Start of NRL season has only become tougher for tipsters

One thing  is clear, tipping winners in the opening round of the NRL premiership is no easy task.

In recent years, it has proven disastrous.

Never seem to pick a host of winners.

You try to get a gauge on trial form, but it just doesn’t seem to work.

And after a tumultuous build up to the season it’s hard to know how certain teams are going to perform, especially the likes of the Bulldogs, Tigers, Tigers and Sharks.

Taking a look at the team line-ups will help tipsters and no doubt you’ve got a gut feeling as to who might win this weekend, but for Round 1 it would probably be a good idea if you consider the opinions of the the bookies.

Splitting the teams in most games in Round 1 is no easy task.

Anyway, deadline is fast approaching, so it’s time to show some gumption and settle on eight teams.

Round 1 tips on Sportsword will be revealed at 4.30pm (AEST).

The good news is that tipping winners in Round 2 might prove a little easier.

The Knights and Roosters should be the big improvers in 2013, the Bulldogs, Sea Eagles and Dragons could get the wobbles, it’s hard to see the Rabbitohs, Sharks and Raiders going backwards, can Bellamy lift the Storm to great heights once again, the arrival of Prince is a boost for the Broncos, and the Cowboys are the team to beat.  

Finally, here’s how the teams could finish in 2013 – let’s just say that Cronulla will escape sanction.


 1 Cowboys

 2 Storm

 3 Rabbitohs

 4 Sharks

 5 Knights

 6 Bulldogs

 7 Raiders

 8 Broncos

 9 Roosters

10 Sea Eagles

11 Tigers

12 Warriors

13 Titans

14 Panthers

15 Dragons

16 Eels 


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