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Sorry about the dummy, but now that I’ve got your attention …

I may have sold a few Sportsword subscribers a dummy this week – by inadvertently including them in a group email carrying a link to my “latest blog” … when, in fact, I hadn’t written a line.

In truth, my intended targets were non-subscribers – yes, you guys on my “personal’’ mailing list who’ve found yourselves on the receiving end of regular email blog alerts, whether you’d requested them or not.

Anyway, now that I’ve, hopefully, got your attention – and, critically, on our website — here’s the deal.

From here on in, no more unsolicited Sportsword emails. Promise.

Just allow me, though, to invite those of you who’d like to continue receiving my blog (and/or other content alerts) to become a subscriber (See button top right).

Come to think of it, that also goes for all you regular visitors – thanks to Google Stats, we know you’re out there – who haven’t as yet signed up for regular updates.

If that can prompt us to get our act together, too, who knows, it might just help me overcome a disconcerting case of writer’s block.

 — Peter Thomson



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