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Seattle winning Super Bowl by 35 points was certainly unexpected

The NFL has come to an end, and the result of Super Bowl XLVIII typifies the season in a nutshell.
The Seattle Seahawks were a genuine chance, but rolling the Denver Broncos by 35 points certainly came from left field.
It was totally unexpected, which just goes to prove how hard it was to get a gauge on the form book for the duration of the 2013-14 schedule.
Perhaps the San Francisco 49ers, whom the Seahawks toppled in the NFC Championship, were in fact the second best team instead of the Broncos.
Having the NFC and AFC champions meeting in the Super Bowl doesn’t necessarily pit the best two teams together in the biggest game of the year.
Seattle annihilating Denver 43-8 was nothing short of extraordinary, especially as both teams were the No 1 seeds in the NFC and AFC respectively.
Had every right to feel a litle chuffed after successfully tipping the two teams who would appear in Super Bowl XLVIII before the opening game of the 2013 season, but last Monday morning’s result bordered on the unbelievable.
Didn’t see it coming – then again not too many would have.
However, the Seahawks were red hot.
In contrast, the Broncos were diabolical – clearly their worst performance of the season.
And it has to be said that that analysis on Super Bowl XLVIII was based on the weather forecast.
It was mooted that it could have been the coldest Super Bowl ever played, but in the end the conditions were quite mild considering it was the middle of winter in the notoriously frigid north-east of the United States.
Probably would have stuck with the Broncos, but the “Bet of the Week” and “Happy Bet” may have been different.
Anyway, that’s hindsight.
Having followed the NFL for many years, punters can be assured that picking winners these days is hard.
Not once did  your’s truly pick the card, and to lose a host games in the final minute or in overtime became a monotonous event.
In a way, it’s good that the NFL is not as predictable as it was in the past.
It makes it more exciting, but for tipsters it can drive you around the twist.
Finally, the relentless antics of Seattle’s Richard Sherman kind of made you wish that Denver had won the game as Broncos star Peyton Manning personifies class.
Enjoy the off-season.

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