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Q: “Do you think that, deep down, Eddie McGuire’s really a racist?”

A: “No mate. Look how quickly he stepped in to say all the right things when that girl labelled Adam Goodes ‘an ape’. And look at all the good work he’s been doing in that area over a lot of years.”

 Q: “So what the hell are we supposed to make of those ‘King Kong’ comments he made the other morning on his radio show?”

 A: “I reckon anyone working those crazy hours, on those early-morning radio shows, has to be on something to keep them ‘up’”.

 Q:  “On something? Geez, that’s a big call.”

 A: “Sorry mate … slip of the tongue.”  

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How silly of me to think commonsense might kick in to change the way referees handle rugby’s time-consuming scrum resets.

 Sadly, it seems, any attempt by whistleblowers to free up more playing time by calling “time off” while both packs re-form will be nipped in the bud.  

 That’s the only conclusion that can be drawn after South African referee Lourens van der Merwe’s apparent about-face on the issue during last weekend’s round of Super rugby action.

 Having last week welcomed van der Merwe’s decision to call “time off” on several occasions after scrum collapses in the Hurricanes-Chiefs match in Wellington on May 17, it was disappointing, and revealing, that there wasn’t a peep out of him in that department when he had charge of the Blues-Brumbies clash in Auckland last Friday night.

 Clearly, someone in authority – presumably, referees boss Lyndon Bray — had taken him to task.

 For what?

 Rugby already stands condemned in terms of ball-in-play statistics and it would be interesting to know just how much time is lost during the whole tedious scrum reset exercise.  

 Surely any attempt to prevent the clock being wound down unnecessarily should be applauded – and encouraged.  

 — Peter Thomson


One Response to Q: “Do you think that, deep down, Eddie McGuire’s really a racist?”

  • Leo says:

    Tee hee, Pete, those Aussies are real sensitive buggers, aren’t they ?!
    You haven’t heard racist abuse until you’ve heard the public ranting of John Hatfield, the honourable leader of our Mana Party. Nobody questions his right to be foul-mouthed abusive to non-Maoris, and it helps him get re-elected by his Maori seat constituency.
    The Poms might be even worse; I heard of some soccer player being taken to Coventry ’cause he referred to a Negro soccer player as a negro.
    Has no-one been listening to the cricketers lately ?

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