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Quade not alone when it comes to question of knockout punch

For anyone still tuned in to the Quade Cooper soap opera, I guess one of the mildy intriguing questions now is how the episode featuring his bizarre foray into boxing will play out.

Personally, I can’t get remotely interested in how Cooper might measure up on the pugilistic front. But I did see a certain irony in the fact that questions about his boxing ability should come at a time when two national teams have demonstrated a sorry inability to deliver a knockout punch when they had their rivals well and truly on the ropes.

First, of course, we had the Wallabies — seemingly cruising at halftime – all but gifting Italy an historic Test victory in Florence. Then, the Australian cricket team – firmly in the box seat at the end of day four – failing to put the Proteas away in the pivotal second Test in Adelaide.

Any further comparisons between the two sides’ performances are obviously tenuous, at best — not least given the standing of their respective opponents. But the bottom line is both let themselves down when in a position to hammer home an overwhelming advantage – and both have only one more chance to redeem themselves.

If I was a betting man – one of these days I might get around to opening an account – I’d probably be giving both the Wallabies’ tour finale against Wales and the WACA series decider a big miss.

As with the tiresome Quade Cooper saga, I’m more than happy to sit on the sideline and adopt a wait-and-see policy.

— Peter Thomson   





3 Responses to Quade not alone when it comes to question of knockout punch

  • Leo says:

    I’m not up with the play re Q.C’s foray into the noble art, Pete. But I assume that this is not quite kick boxing, but more handbag flailing?

  • Admin says:

    Surprised to hear you’re not up with the play on QC, Leo. I’d have thought you’d be hanging off his every tweet.

  • John Wagner says:

    The sooner those two lovebirds, Mad Quade and Money Bill Williams, elope to Japan, and take that absolute grub, Nasser, with them the better. I honestly don’t know why the media is giving these two the attention that they thrive on. The whole farce has become very boring and a real pain in the butt.
    All that I can say, in conclusion, is that the ARU did the right thing, and the QRU is very foolish for trying to retain this ego-driven moron, who has absolutely no sense of team loyalty.
    Maybe he should play for the NZ Warriors NRL side, and, hopefully, get the crap bashed out of him?

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