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Perfect place for kid to hit that ‘bridge too far’ notion for six

How appropriate – well, in my simple mind, anyway — that the Ashton Agar fairytale should unfold at a place called Trent Bridge.

Having had the British and Irish Lions make a nonsense of my suggestion that that Sydney Test could be a “bridge too far”, along comes this gangly kid to turn cricket’s version of Mission Impossible into one of the most improbable personal triumphs, of any sporting era.

Of course it remains to be seen how this remarkable Nottingham Ashes series opener plays out from here. And, thanks in part to a certain party pooper by the name of Halfpenny, I don’t intend throwing in my two bobs’ worth now.

But if you can come up with a sporting debut story to top the Agar spectacular, we’d love to hear it.

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So now that sanity’s prevailed and we have Robbie Deans out and Ewen McKenzie in, we can apparently expect to see Quade Cooper back in the Wallabies’ No 10 jumper.

I’m not so sure that that intriguing prospect, viewed in isolation, will have the All Blacks quaking in their lairy adidas boots.

I tend to think they’d be much more concerned if, somehow, McKenzie can find a way to allow Cooper to cut a few capers behind a pack that can compete, consistently, at scrum time.

Or is THAT a bridge too far?

— Peter Thomson


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