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On the right track?

If feedback to date is anything to go by, would seem to be well on its way to establishing a solid niche for itself.

Early days, of course, but we’re more than encouraged.

On reflection, having declared on our home page that ‘’we back ourselves to deliver solutions’’, I should concede that, in some ways, I was perhaps being a tad too cute.

As anyone with a modicum of knowledge of crossword compilation would appreciate, the solution is always right (it’s the clues we cock up from time to time) — which leaves our intrepid tipster, YT, with easily the toughest gig.

Yes, he’s revelling in the challenge. No, he’s not happy with the number of “50-50” matches that have shown an uncanny tendency to date to go the other way.

But, hey, let’s keep things in some sort of perspective.

Newspaper tipsters generally may not have the greatest reputation, but an admittedly random tips panel check going into this weekend’s action proved interesting.

Looking at our only national newspaper, The Australian, I noted that YT would have been sitting atop its AFL panel – and just off the pace in both the NRL and Super Rugby.

Hang in there.

— Peter Thomson


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