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No denying the fact that English soccer is fair dinkum

Why is English soccer admired so much around the world?

When teams go into battle they have a crack.

There’s hardly any rubbish and the game generally flows.

Sure, there is an element of gamesmanship – but nothing like you would see in Spain, Italy or Portugal for example.

You can add certain South American teams to that list as well, especially at an international level.

Remember Brazilian star Rivaldo at the 2002 World Cup?

The English, as well as soccer lovers from throughout the world, just can’t cop it.

A lesson that Manchester United’s Angel Di Maria learned in a big way during the FA Cup quarter final loss to Arsenal.

He deserved to be booked for simulation in a pathetic attempt to win a free kick.

And he only compounded the situation when he made contact with referee Michael Oliver before receiving a second yellow card.

United teammate Adnan Januzaj deserved his yellow card as well for his dive in a desperate attempt to win a penalty.

There are good players in the top club competitions in Europe, no doubt, but the constant flagrant diving does leave a sour tatste in the mouth.

Say what you will about English soccer, but at least a majority of the players address the game in the right spirit.

And rarely is there a deliberate attempt by a player to get an opponent sent off in their quest to help get their team over the line.



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