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NFL Playoffs – Week 4 (Super Bowl XLIX)

Playoffs (Week 3): 2/2
Season Update: 179/266
Hard To Split
Playoffs (Week 3): 1/1
Season Update: 57/105
Bet of the Week: Seahawks/Seahawks (1-13) multi @ $5.07
Playoffs (Week 3): Patriots leading HT/FT-Patriots (-6.5) multi @ $3.30 (won)
Happy Bet: Seahawks to win by +3.5 ($2.80)
Playoffs (Week 3): Seahawks-Patriots (-6.5) multi @ $2.52 (won)
Pre-Season Predictions
Divisional Winners (champions in brackets)
NFC Conference
North: Green Bay Packers (Green Bay Packers)
East: Philadelphia Eagles (Dallas Cowboys)
West: Seattle Seahawks (Seattle Seahawks)
South: New Orleans Saints (Carolina Panthers)
AFC Conference
North: Cincinnati Bengals (Pittsburgh Steelers)
East: New England Patriots (New England Patriots)
West: Denver Broncos (Denver Broncos)
South: Indianapolis Colts (Indianapolis Colts)
Super Bowl XLIX: Seattle Seahawks v New England Patriots (Seattle Seahawks v New England Patriots)

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