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NFL playoffs are certain to make for some fascinating viewing

When it comes to sport you can pick any letter of the alphabet and there’s every chance I’ll express an interest.
Have so all my life.
This weekend marks the start of the NFL playoffs and nominating the four winners in the Wildcard games with confidence is an impossible task.
The Eagles and Bengals might squeeze home against respective opponents the Saints and Chargers, but the other two games are dead set lotteries.
The Colts-Chiefs is an even money bet and it’s hard to split the Packers and 49ers.
Yes, the home ground advantage will assist the Colts and Packers, but don’t be writing off the Chiefs and 49ers just yet.
The Chiefs were unbeaten for a major portion of the season and were stiff not to overcome the Chargers last weekend after resting a host of players.
The 49ers were considered a big chance of winning the Super Bowl at the start of the season after falling to the Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII last February.
The fact that the 49ers are the fifth seeds in the NFC and face elimination in the first week of the playoffs is a disgrace.
The finals format in the NFL, and for that matter in the MLB, NBA and NHL, is ridiculous – but the Americans are reluctant to tinker with history.
To reward teams who win their divisions instead of rewarding teams with the best records is laughable.
Back to the NFL.
There was a time when picking the winners of games during the regular season and playoffs was a simple task, but not any longer.
That’s great because there’s nothing worse than having a competition that is predictable.
The evenness of the NFL these days makes it more enjoyable to watch and the next four weekends should be engrossing entertainment.
Finally, we don’t like to toot our horn at, but at the start of the year one did nominate the likely combatants for Super Bowl XLVIII.
The two teams that were chosen were the Seahawks and Broncos.
The Seahawks are the No 1 seeds in the NFC and the Broncos are the No 1 seeds in the AFC.
We’re a chance because the Seahawks and Broncos have the home ground advantage throughout the playoffs and if they win their next two games they will meet in the Super Bowl at Giants Stadium.
— David White

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