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Hands up anyone getting excited about this one-off league Test

North Queensland’s rabid rugby league community aside, it’s hard to imagine too many people getting madly excited about Townsville’s historic Test against the Kiwis this weekend.

Sure, trans-Tasman contests in any sport always have a bit going for them, but I struggle to see how a one-off Test in such a ridiculous time slot can be expected to get the pulse racing – for players or fans.

Let’ s face it. Apart from punters who can’t help themselves, the result will be well nigh meaningless for most of us  — and it’s drawing a sizeable bow to suggest it’ll have any serious bearing on how things might play out in next year’s World Cup.

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You can probably make a pretty strong case for next week’s Bledisloe Cup clash in Brisbane being “meaningless”, too. But at least it’s being played in the context of a meaningful competition — even if New Zealand already has the silverware firmly locked away.

And if you can’t bring yourself to get excited about seeing the All Blacks have a shot at rugby history then you might at least be titillated by the result’s likely impact as the Robbie Deans coaching saga lurches on.

— Peter Thomson 



2 Responses to Hands up anyone getting excited about this one-off league Test

  • Sam says:

    Spot on with the League. The season is done and dusted. Most clubs would be more worried about the likelihood of a star player picking up a serious injury rather than who actually gets the win. Same again with the All Stars game before the season officially kicks off.

  • Admin says:

    Absolutely, Sam. And so much for an “off season” … most clubs will be back in pre-season training within a matter of weeks!

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