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Go with your head

Hi guys. Everyone has their method when it comes to footy tipping – backing the favourites; a gut feeling; home ground advantage; head-to-head history; assessing injuries, how a team performed the previous week; discarding certain teams you dislike; backing your favourite teams (especially the one you actually support).

If you think your method works, by all means stick with it.

However, if you expect to win a tipping competition then I’d strongly suggest you’ve got to go with your head.

You won’t win a tipping competition if you go with your heart.

Boasting a love of most sports, a method I have developed in recent years seems to work.

Currently, my tips in the NRL, AFL and Super Rugby are made on a Wednesday, but once this website has been fine-tuned all selections will be made on a Friday.

My aim is to help punters out, especially in those 50/50 games, in all three codes.

Having access to various wire services and knowing people in “the game”, whether it’s NRL, AFL or Super Rugby, is also a bonus.

When it comes to various footy tipping competitions, I usually leave it until the last minute before finalising my tips on a Friday afternoon.

Ultimately, the beauty of Sportsword’s service will be that, once we’ve added a few more bells and whistles, we’ll be able to provide an email alert system that may just help you with some of your last-minute decisions.

To be frank, NRL and Super Rugby tipping is a lot harder than picking winners in the AFL.

I have an appreciation for all three codes, but nominating a Top 8 in the AFL in 2012 is, I believe, a lot easier than settling on the finalists in the NRL and Super Rugby.

I don’t claim to be an expert, but I’ve had a fair degree of success in NRL, AFL and Super Rugby tipping competitions in recent years.

Ask any NRL and Super Rugby fanatic and they will tell you that tipping winners at the start of the 2012 season has been no easy task.

In the end, the final decision is yours.

Just do your homework and you’ll reap the rewards.

Good luck.



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