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Committing to rugby tipping comp not such a super idea

Anyone bold enough to back Australia to turn this Ashes campaign around at Old Trafford would probably be on reasonable terms with themselves as I write this.

On another level – as we’ve highlighted elsewhere – AFL followers who use our intrepid tipster, YT, as their go-to man would almost certainly have bragging rights in their respective tipping competitions.

So how are you travelling on the punt – or in your tipping comp?

For rugby union buffs, of course, it’s crunch time as far as the Super Rugby Championship is concerned. And I don’t mind admitting I’ll be relieved when it’s done and dusted.

It’s not, I hasten to add, that I haven’t enjoyed the 2013 edition. It’s just that I haven’t exactly covered myself in glory in the one and only tipping comp I took up an invitation to join this year.

On reflection, I should have gone with my initial gut feeling and opted out when I realised it was one of those tipping comps where you have to predict not only the winner of each match, but also the winning margin.

Now I don’t mind that 12 and under/13 plus caper, but a precise margin for all matches? Pulease!

To me, it’s a bit like selecting the winner of a two-horse race and then having to nominate the winning margin — in increments of noses! (OK, necks, heads, whatever).

Don’t get me wrong, though.  I accept that everyone in our modest little group (seven) has had to contend with the very same challenges each week and I take my hat off to the two guys tied for the lead going into the Chiefs-Brumbies title showdown.

It’s just a tad humbling when you’ve been left vying for the booby prize.

For the record, I’ve tipped the Chiefs by 8.

— Peter Thomson


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