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‘Cheats’ story dismissed — but could some be that dumb?

If we didn’t suspect it from the start, cricket’s latest DRS controversy has seemingly, by now, been exposed as a total beat-up.

Otherwise, if there was a skerrick of truth in claims that some batsmen had been using silicon tape on their bats to hoodwink Hot Spot, you’d surely have to conclude that their respective IQ’s aren’t much further north than their Test batting averages.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly didn’t need Kevin Pietersen  to highlight the obvious absurdity of any such practice.

“How stupid would I be to try and  hide a nick when it could save me on an LBW appeal,” Pietersen was quoted as saying in response to the initial furore. Which, of course, it did in England’s first innings at Old Trafford.

No one would dispute the fact that cricket has a major problem with the current DRS system – and I, for one, certainly haven’t found myself sitting bolt upright in bed in the middle of the night with any sort of quick-fix solution.

But I reckon about the only good this latest nonsense achieved was to bump some of the more puerile election stories off the front page of our tabloids for a day or so.

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If ever we needed a reminder of the incredible risks jockeys face every time they saddle up, that was certainly a heart-wrenching one that came out of the Northern Territory last weekend.

As it happens, the death of premier Darwin rider Simone Montgomerie in a shocking race fall at Sunday’s Darwin Cup meeting was all the more poignant for my Sportsword colleague, David White.

Host of a regular Saturday sports show on Darwin radio, YT had interviewed the popular 26-year-old mother of two on air barely 24 hours before her fatal fall.

– Peter Thomson


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