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Break from blogging’s a breeze as windy Wellington beckons

One of the beauties of having a blog like this is the fact that you can write what you like, when you like – with no-one cracking the whip.

It  means you can put it on the backburner for a couple of weeks without feeling you’re in some way letting the side down.

Which is precisely what I’m planning to do as I gear up for a bit of business and pleasure back in my old stamping ground (Wellington, NZ).

I’d like to say the “pleasure” will include slipping down to Dunedin for that Bledisloe Cup match on Saturday, but, sadly, I’ll be having to make do with the local TV coverage.

It’ll be interesting to get a Kiwi take on the SBW saga – and their rugby league World Cup hopes generally.  And, who knows, I might even come back with a hot Melbourne Cup tip.

Somehow, though, as much as they may fancy the all-conquering All Blacks’ chances of putting the rejuvenated Wallabies firmly in their place, and as much as they may see themselves as a genuine RLWC threat to Australia, I’m not sure they’ll have too much to cheer about on the first Tuesday in November.

x                    x                    x

While I don’t expect to experience any pangs of guilt blog-wise, I must confess I feel I’ve been letting down the crossword tragics amongst you in recent times.

For what it’s worth – hopefully with a bunch of new subscribers aboard, too, thanks to some timely cross-promotion in my regular Sunday Mail spot – I plan to hit the ground running on that front on my return.

Mind you, I might just have to get out that old whip of mine.

— Peter Thomson


One Response to Break from blogging’s a breeze as windy Wellington beckons

  • LEO says:

    No doubt you’ll be running into “Mad Dog” Wilson during your sojourn in Wellington/Hutt Valley, Pete. Two rugby journos together watching the All Blacks vs Wallabies. I suspect the last time that happened was at the St Bernard’s re-union. I do hope the Wallabies do themselves proud.
    As for a Melbourne Cup tip, I’m told there’s a hot tipster called Heff who can usually be found at the Naenae Hotel !!

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