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Backs-to-the-wall Wallabies will need rugby gods on their side

If, as they say, rugby’s the game they play in Heaven, the embattled Wallabies might need to resort to the Rosary if they are to avoid being brought to their knees in the Battle of Rosario this weekend.

 If they do, they’d perhaps be well advised to say a special prayer that the traditionally hostile South American crowd are as kind to them as they were to the all-conquering All Blacks in La Plata last weekend.

 Sure, the Pumas were always going to be up against it once the All Blacks hit their straps. But even more surprising than the ultimate winning margin was the ease with which Steve Hansen’s men managed to take an apparently starstruck crowd out of the game.

 A standing ovation at the end of the match is one thing – laudable, in fact – but a strangely meek, muted Argentinian crowd certainly did their side no favours after the Pumas had made such a slashing start.

Whether Robbie Deans’ threadbare outfit can take a leaf out of the All Blacks’ book is obviously highly questionable.

 But it would help if they can somehow get the rugby gods onside – and the crowd out of the game.

 — Peter Thomson  


2 Responses to Backs-to-the-wall Wallabies will need rugby gods on their side

  • Leo says:

    Pete, I wonder if some of this is a product of the Argentinian rugby crowd not having yet lost their good manners (or sense of fair play).
    Perhaps, as used to be the case in N.Z., Argentinian crowds do not boo the opposition, especially during goal kicks.

  • Admin says:

    I’d like to agree with that romantic notion, Leo, but their past “form” would suggest otherwise. Unless they give the Wallabies a similarly easy time of it, I’ll stick with my “starstruck” theory.

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