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Hard to get point across playing name games – if you get my drift

For those of you who returned serve after my Australian Open comments last week, it seems I might need to stretch to nail the point I was trying to make about being  “ova” it.

Having gone on to suggest that, “without putting too fine a point on it, I simply can’t relate to many of the ‘big names’’’ (most notably, in the women’s draw), I’d rather thought the reasons were fairly self-evident.

Not so, apparently, for some.

So here we go … Pliskova, Amanmuradova, Hlavackova, Gavrilova, Pavlyuchenkova, Kuznetsova, Rybarikova, Shvedova, Gajdosova, Cepelova, Petrova, Panova, Safarova, Kvitova, Govortsova, Pliskova, Pironkova, Hantuchova, Makarova, Cibulkova, Bratchikova, Zakopalova, Puchkova, Sharapova.

Now you get my drift?

Phew! Pleased we’ve got that sorted.

Speaking of “big” names, it was a “small” one – and an Aussie one, too – which seemed to cause a bit of angst for Sportsword buffs tackling my latest (Oz Open-flavoured) offering in Brisbane’s Sunday Mail.

The clue in question related to one John Marks, an unheralded Sydneysider whose career highlight was reaching the 1978 Australian Open men’s singles final – where he bowed to Argentine dual champion Guillermo Vilas (he backed up the following year).

I guess I was “dating” myself somewhat by throwing that clue in in the first place (one Sportsword tragic declared: “I think that would have even tested Dad!’’)

But significantly more sobering was the realisation that, Lleyton Hewitt, Pat Cash and journeyman Kim Warwick (1980) aside, Marks is the next most recent “home-grown” Aussie Open men’s singles finalist we’ve had.

What price Tomic in 2015?

And, come to think of it, why isn’t his li’l sister Tomicova?

 — Peter Thomson 


2 Responses to Hard to get point across playing name games – if you get my drift

  • Leo says:

    Well, I think my return of service sailed over the sideline. But aren’t these overpaid brats really precious? No moving or making any noise from the spectators please, we’re not capable of playing through that. We’re very sensitive and fragile!! Good grief. And perhaps the spirit of Hansie Cronje did not die with the man. Those ODI losses to the Slack Caps make Gai Waterhouse look pure. Certainly has made the Proteas’ odds with the bookies to win the last match very much more attractive to the team’s punting manager.

    • Leo says:

      Hey, Pete, how utterly ridiculous it is that female tennis players have demanded and received (from the eunuchs who occupy all administrative posts in all fields of activity in all parts of the Western world) equal pay (prize money) with male players.
      Equality, of course, doesn’t come into it.
      Azarenka is not much of a player even in terms of the best female players in the history of tennis, and she certainly couldn’t compete with male players of any ability. She could not win a set against any of the male players who participated in the Aussie Open.
      This is what we get when we let whimps run the show.

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