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As sports nuts go, our tipping guru’s in a league of his own

I’ve known a few sports nuts in my time – and for a sizeable chunk of my life I could safely number myself amongst them. But I’ve got to say that at the end of the day none of them/us could hold a candle to a certain regular contributor to this website.

I refer, of course, to our resident footy form analyst/tipster “YT” (aka David White).

You’re hardly likely to see, elsewhere, any acknowledgment of his monumental  job – tipping across ALL football codes and backing it up with forthright, in-depth analysis via his weekly blogs – so permit me to do so here.

If you’ll accept that taking a line on our major media outlets’ expert tips panels is a reasonable way to judge YT’s “form”, I’d suggest that, whatever your preferred code, he’s at least kept you competitive if you’ve used him as your go-to man.

And nowhere more so than in the AFL as it heads into its final home-and-away round.

As we’ve trumpeted on our home page, YT would have bragging rights in ALL of those AFL tipping comps. Indeed, a more forensic review would seem to reveal that, regardless of how things play out this weekend,we already have a strong case to declare him the premier AFL media tipster in the country.

Big call? Well, let’s put it this way. The best we can see amongst our major newspapers  –and they  include Melbourne’s The Age and Herald Sun, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian and Brisbane’s Courier-Mail – is the Herald Sun leader’s progressive tally of 146. And given that YT (147) and the Herald Sun panel’s pacesetter have tipped the same nine teams this weekend, our man can’t be pipped at the post.

If rugby league’s your go, it’s also worth noting that YT (121) would probably have you well in the mix with just two NRL rounds remaining.

Considering YT, now Darwin based, is a former Courier-Mail staffer, responsible for producing its Friday footy liftout, I suspect he’s particularly chuffed to see he’s streeting its top AFL tipster by 10 – and is just one off the lead in its NRL tips panel.

Good stuff, YT.

— Peter Thomson



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