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WELCOME to — Australia’s first dedicated sports crosswords website … and featuring YT’s Tips.

A dynamic online resource “for the sports buff who can’t get enough’’, offers:

Free PRINTABLE and INTERACTIVE sports crossword puzzles – compiled by the creator of  Australia’s longest-running metropolitan  newspaper sports crossword, PETER THOMSON;

Free sports tipping service – courtesy of stats/form analyst DAVID WHITE (aka YT);

 Regular sports blogs.

Whether it’s the fascinating challenge of sports crosswords or footy tipping comps that appeals to you — or the more serious business of sports betting — we back ourselves to deliver solutions.





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Thanks Aunty … perfect timing

The ABC’s recognition of Sportsword creator Peter Thomson’s 30-year milestone could hardly have been better timed. Peter was a studio guest on 612 ABC’s Weekends program on Saturday, December 21, 2013 … exactly 100 years to the day since the world’s first crossword was published (in the New York World).

You can listen to the interview here:

See history of Sportsword on our About Us page.


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